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Bark N BangTM

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This closed reed rabbit and prey distress coyote call is the absolute easiest distress call to use. You can make the most realistic rabbit and prey distress sounds the very first time you try this call. Because you can easily vary the volume on this call it can be used for some long range calling or an up close coaxer call.


This call usually has a very fast response time. Be ready! Never leave home without this call.


Rabbit - Prey Distress


Howling for coyotes is a great calling technique Just wait until you get that big alpha male coming in all bristled up looking for a fight

This howler is by far the easiest to learn on and you’ll be making the most realistic howls from invitational to territorial howls as well as yips, ki-yi’s and barks in no time.


If you're not howling for coyotes you're missing out on a whole lot of fun!




Whack'em Howler


The Knockdown howler is designed to be an extremely easy to learn on. It is especially effective in situations calling over large areas, dense cover or high winds.


Coyotes do not howl quietly and you will find the louder the howls the better the responses.

Knockdown Howler

My Promise

Over the last 29 plus years of calling coyotes I have bought every coyote  call made. To this day I have some I can't make a sound on.


I refuse to do that to you. You will get a free call demo DVD with every call you buy teaching you exactly how to make the best sound.


I will not leave you hanging!

Todd AKA "Dogbreath"


*Best Deal*

Ultimate Call Package


This Ultimate Coyote Call Package includes the Stack'em Distress, Whack'em Howler and the Rip'em Rabbit.


This is a deadly combination of calls. You’ll never need to buy another call. You’re done!

SAVE $20.00 when you buy them all together


"This is The One Call That

Tricks Them AllTM"


Everyone wants that "magic call" Take your predator hunting to a new level with this unique screaming rabbit that drives coyotes, fox and bobcats crazy! Clear a spot on your lanyard for this one.


This is the number 1 selling call



Fawn Distress

With the ever increasing coyote population especially in the eastern part of the country fawns have become a favorite meal for coyotes.


This fawn distress call is so realistic it will bring a tear to your eye and ring the dinner bell for coyotes.


Hot Momma Estrus Chirp

We all know that with all the coyote hunters out there playing their electronic calls with the same old rabbit in distress sounds waa waa waa. The coyotes have heard it all. Coyotes are becoming educated and harder to call.


This is the most realistic sounding, easiest to use and the deadliest estrus chirp call available. I know because I've tried them all. Add this to your bag of tricks.




You can easily create anything from the most realistic sounding rabbit distress cries to some crazy bird sounds along with coyote Yips and Ki Yi's with this one call. You can even howl with it.


This little call drives the coyotes and fox crazy. When you call they fall. You will want to have this call with you on every stand.



Rip'em Rabbit

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