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My Promise

I absolutely promise after watching this video and using what you learn you will "Shoot More Coyotes!"


Todd AKA "Dogbreath"


You may have already figured out that you can have the best most expensive e-caller made, the best gun setup, thermal scopes, night vision optics, amazing lights, a lanyard full of handcalls, all the best of everything and still not shoot a coyote.


Coyotes are extremely unforgiving of mistakes. You are trying to hunt one of the most skilled predators on the planet. You will need to bring your A-Game every time.


I will tell you that most coyote hunters screw it up before they make any sound at all.


For the last 15 years I have been lucky enough to travel around and present my “Shoot More Coyotes” seminar to thousands of coyote hunters every year.


This isn’t a fancy Hollywood production but it is a full two hours (2 DVDS) of me spilling my guts on 29+ years of invaluable coyote hunting information, tips and tricks. I give you everything I know.


I even brought my hunting partner/hired gun former USMC Scout Sniper along who jumps in and talks about guns, shooting, optics and gear that will help you kill more coyotes. (he has never missed one)


I absolutely guarantee you will "Shoot More Coyotes" after watching this seminar.


Now order your DVDs grab some popcorn watch the seminar and go "Shoot Some More Coyotes!"


I hope you have your best season ever!

Todd “Dogbreath”




This two DVD set contains 2 + Hours of hard core blood and guts coyote hunting information tips and tricks


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