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I'm a member at the club. Out of the last three years of seminars I’ve seen at the club yours was the best hands down! We try hard at the club. Thanks again for the great show!

Jay Lorch




Last year we had a pro staffer from one of the big name call makers give a seminar and I want you to know that you BLEW THEM OUT OF THE WATER with your presentation and information. I can't wait to get out and put all this invaluable information to work! I know I will "Shoot More Coyotes!"




Everyone said you put on the best seminar they had ever attended. One guy who had been to our previous two seminars said, “You got the right guy this time”.

We have tried to have someone different each year, but I don’t see how we can improve on your presentation.


Bill Harding, Outdoor Writer




I didn't want to let any more time pass to send this e-mail. Thanks for a very educational seminar the attendees were amazed at your knowledge on coyotes. We all are so thankful for you sharing this information with us and answering all our questions. I know that we all will be better coyote hunters thanks to you! Many of us have attended seminars but none can compare to the one you gave it was outstanding!!!! I was amazed at your straight forward presentation with no BS just facts. Thanks again for being up front and honest with us and not just being a story teller. Bark and Bang love the phrase. Looking forward to having you back


Rich Oxley


Testimonials from previous "Shoot More Coyotes" seminar sponsors

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