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Hey Todd “Dogbreath” here…


I’ve been a diehard coyote hunter for over 29 years. Just to help you grasp the depth of my coyote hunting obsession I describe my coyote hunting passion like this, “I would push a trophy whitetail buck out of the way to take a whack at a coyote!” So there you go, it doesn’t get much worse than that.


My first coyote hunt


A buddy of mine had called in and shot a gray fox. After showing me a picture he said you could call in coyotes the same way. We had to try it. I confess that we had no idea on what we were doing although we knew enough to hunt with the wind in our favor. We set up just before daylight in a fence row under some trees facing a freshly cut hay field bordered by a cornfield. As soon as we could see to shoot we started calling with the only sound we knew, the good old rabbit in distress. Within 3-4 seconds we had a coyote coming straight in on a string. When it got about 30 yards away it nicely stopped and stood broadside. It couldn’t have been faster or easier. What a rush. I thought this coyote hunting is easy. Boy did I have a lot to learn. I look back and consider the next two years after that first coyote as spending time in the beautiful Michigan outdoors making funny noises.


I have spent hundreds of dollars on the latest and greatest coyote calls on the market. Literally sacks of them, always trying to find that “magic bullet” call that just drives those coyotes crazy. Some calls worked. Some, when you got them home and out of the package sounded, well just bad. They were hard to blow and they sure didn’t sound like the guy in the video.


There’s got to be a better way


I started looking at all my different calls and which ones worked and just what was it that made these call not only sound good but they called in coyotes on a regular basis. The whole sack all boiled down to about seven calls that I used consistently and had good results with. So I got to thinking. Why don’t I just design my own and incorporate all the good features that I liked from those seven calls. I wanted to start out with three different types of calls, two distress calls and a howler. Despite the videos that show a coyote hunter with what looks like a string of bluegills around his neck that’s all a coyote hunter really needs. Dogbreath Calls are designed to be extremely easy to blow, sound great, exceptionally durable and most important drive those coyotes crazy. I believe you’ll like the results.

Now get your calls and go shoot some coyotes!



Todd "Dogbreath" Sullivan


Wait I almost forgot! Where did the name “Dogbreath” come from?


Here’s the story…

I was out late September doing a little coyote calling and scouting for some whitetail deer preparing for the upcoming bow season. I was quietly and carefully walking down a grassy fence line heading toward a woodlot where I planned to do some coyote calling.


On my right I had a cornfield and my left a soybean field with a grassy fence line separating the two fields. As I approached the woods I spotted a beautiful 12 point buck walking the same direction along the edge of the soybeans. Since the wind was right and the buck was walking away from me I slowly strolled along pacing the buck which was about 60 yards ahead of me. I didn’t want to scare the buck so I walked extra carefully picking my way.


I looked down and saw some good sized coyote tracks and some fresh (still steaming) coyote scat. I thought boy this looks awfully fresh so I decided to sit down in the tall grass along the fence line and do a little calling. I started my call sequence with a long friendly howl but before I even finished it off I saw the tall weeds moving as something quickly came charging my way. You guessed it, out pops Mr. Coyote nose to nose with me at 18 inches.


I don’t know who was more surprised me or coyote but he changed direction in a flash and bolted into the corn. When I told this story to my hunting buddies I said the coyote was so close I could smell its breath. One of my buddies said, “What did it smell like?” I said, “Dogbreath."



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