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Here's what a few of our customers have had to say about us.
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Jordan Knight

Fall 2016 - East Tennessee

I've coyote hunted off and on for several years with limited success. After watching some of your videos on proper setup and how to use the coyotes instincts against him I was able to seal the deal on 2 out of 3 of my last sets. Thanks for sharing the knowledge you've acquired from years of experience.

Alan Garvin

Winter 2014 - Caldwell, Ohio

Called this male in using your howling method. Measured 47 "from nose to base of tail. Grandson Dallas in picture. Thanks

Jason Hansbrough

2013 - Troy Tn

Proof that the bark and bang combo is lethal. They can't resist it. Thanks for a great product.

Gary Hernandez

Winter 2014 - South Haven, Mi

Started hunting coyotes two years ago. Spent many cold nights and dollars on trying to bring them in. However, after attending one of Todds seminars in Kalamazoo Mi, I totally made changes to my tactics and setups. It paid off. Dropped my first Yote last night. Thank you Todd for the tactical advice and Great calls!

Nice Job Gary! _Dogbreath


winter 2014 - El Paso TX

I was able to call in a coyote with the tips that you give

Casey Oates

Winter Coyote Hunt - Chillicothe Ohio

I was able to call in this female yote on my first ever hunt. I was using the rabbit distress call and am a firm believer in the Dogbreath line. Thanks!!

B. Fritz

Winter 2014 - Bear Creek, PA

Called this PA coyote in after 45 minutes on stand using the Bark n Bang howler. Believe in Todds calls & information & stay persistent. Thanks Dogbreath!

Virgil Kelly

Fall 2013 - Utah

I purchased The Ultimate Coyote Call Pack and Save Whack'em - Stack'em - Rip'em and they are the best calls that I own. These are the EASIEST calls to use and have the best sound of all my calls. Save your money and BUY THESE CALLS FIRST they work!!

J Hansbrough

Borrowed from friend -

Todd, I recently hunted using the techniques I've learned from watching your videos. I borrowed a couple of your calls from a friend and they are awesome. I have MS and it’s hard for me to walk long distances so I put your advice to work in a rolling pasture near my house. After hitting the call only twice I had two dogs grace me with their presence. As you can see with the enclosed picture they didn't get to leave. I plan on purchasing a call or two as well as some of your clothing. Thanks for all your advice!

m stahl

Winter/2013 - Imperial County, California

Rip-em Rabbit strikes again!! Lots of pressure in Imperial Valley and this call just keeps bringing them in! Thanks

William Tharp

- Terre Haute, IN

Hi Todd, Thanks for the good info. Staying hid on approach to a call site is the ticket. Got this male Wednesday. 75 yd shot with the .204. Keep it up. William Tharp, Terre Haute, Indiana


summer 2013 - Argentina

Hi Todd, first of all thanks for the tips of your amazing coyote hunting guide ... which allowed me to take this pampa's gray fox (lycalopex gymnocercus) on a ranch near my home in Tandil city, Buenos Aires Province. Here are some pictures of my hunt.

Mel Cox

Summer 2011-2012 - Union City

Hi Thanks for all the support and info that you give for FREE, I have emailed you an have your DVD and Book its great. You have helped me SO MUCH so I could see what I was doing wrong, after that I went out and shot 3 in a row WOW what a difference, now my Favorite saying is "COYOTE DOWN!!!!!!" Thanks so much


2012 - sw michigan

Between the Hunting Guide, Todd's seminars and the easy to use Dogbreath hand calls, you have elevated my game dramatically. You really shortened my learning curve to get out there to "shoot some coyotes". Thanks Todd.


winter 12 - BANCROFT, MI

I have to say your videos and hunting tips are awesome. Hunting coyotes is one of the funnest things to do in the woods. After attending your Marshall seminar, my success has gone up. Thanks

Bryant H

2012 - Winchester,IN

In 2012 was my first experience in hunting canines. my first few stands were quite rough having yotes coming in and winding me. So after that I knew i was going to have to do alot more research if i was going to put up fur in the shed. I was searching online and happened to come across your website that had a wealth of knowledge that was packed in videos and in your book. Since then i've added alot more fur to my shed. I would love to see one of your seminars. Thanks for sharing your wealth of knowledge with this greenhorn.

Samuel Waugaman

winter 2013 - Western PA

Even though I am a beginner at coyote hunting, I purchased these calls last year. Todd’s calls are awesome. I bought his Whack’em, Stack’em and Rip’em calls. I practiced with them a while and one day my dad and I went turkey hunting so I took my stack’em call just for fun. We didn’t see any turkeys so I used my turkey locator call and a red fox came out of nowhere about 30 yards away so I grabbed my stack’em call and started wailing. That fox stopped in its tracks and started running at us and stopped 5 yards away when he saw us. From then on, I was hooked on Todd’s calls. They are great quality and are easy to use . I have tried one of the Knight & Hale calls. I didn’t like it, it seemed cheap and it was hard to use. I will be returning to Dogbreath for more.

bob wlyman

fall 2012 - silver creek n.y.

great advice & setup tips its all helped in bagging a few more dogs also your right the wicked light is the best if I don't win one I'll be buying on e in nov.

Lonnie Wells

Dogbreath DVD - New Castle, PA

Todd's seminar video is the first training video I bought and It made me aware of the difference between western and eastern coyote hunting. With his information I have called in a couple of yotes but haven't killed one yet. I'm ordering your Eastern Coyote Hunters Success Secrets now and I know it will make a big impact in my pursuit of the eastern coyote. Thanks Todd for all the info.

Tara Lee

Fall - Blackfoot ID

My mother was visiting and could not believe that we could call in coyotes. So we set up on our back deck one night. With in minutes we had two coming in on us. I think we scared her a little bit.

Kerry Lemer

fall 2012 - Bismarck, ND

Let me start by saying how much I appreciate all the advice that Todd has given over the past years. I know everyone is thankful for having someone as knowledgeable as Todd help out in any way he can. My friend Adam and I are huge coyote enthusiasts and we weren't having much luck a few years ago. I looked on the internet for some tips and that's where I found Todd's page and boy let me tell you. The coyotes have been dropping ever since! The first night we went out we set up just like Todd showed in one of his videos and we had 3 dogs come in. Only one of them was able to escape. The different way of looking at things was all we needed. By the end of the week I had 6 dogs down and Adam had 4! That's by far the best we have ever done and we couldn't have done it without your advice. Couldn't be more happy with the results. Would love to get to meet you in person one day. Hope to make it to one of your seminars ASAP. Thanks again and happy hunting everybody!

Jim Sharp

fall 2012 - upstate New York

folks if you haven't checked out Todd's products your missing out on some great stuff. I learned more by reading his free downloadable book and watching his video's than you will watching guys on the tv channels. The info you get from Todd is right on the money. If you pay attention and apply his information to your situation you will end up with more fur at the end of your season.

Jeffery Jordan

Winter January 2012 - Nashville, AR

I've been hunting coyotes for about 5 years now. It has truly became my favorite thing to hunt. I've grown up in Southwest Arkansas & I grew up hunting deer,squirrel, with a little duck hunting. This is a picture of me (on the right) & my cousin/coyote hunting partner. This hunt is so far my best hunt yet. Whenever someone goes hunting with me I let them do the shooting & I do all the calling & setting up. We were hunting in a Pine tree thicket sitting in a box stand. We are facing east down the only lane that's there. Wind was blowing from Northwest to Southeast hitting us on back left side of head. I've been calling for bout 10 minutes when this grey fox came out 40 yards in front of us. I had a Quiver Critter decoy going it was roughly 25 yards in front too. The fox came down the lane in a jog stopped about 5 yards from decoy (roughly 30-35 yards from us) & stopped looking at decoy. My cousin shot & dropped it. While we celebrated that kill I changed the caller to a cottontail distress ( was on jackrabbit distress). Then out of nowhere I saw the bobcat jump from the woods & it landed on decoy. It looked like it was bear-hugging it. Once it grabbed decoy he let it go, knocking down decoy & turning my caller sideways. He walked back to where he jumped from & sat down on side of the lane under a cedar tree. It happened so fast that my cousin never saw it. I thought I would finally get to shoot, once I started pulling my gun up, my cousin saw it and dropped it 5 yards from decoy!! In a 5 minute span we had killed a Grey Fox & Bobcat. We were set-up facing downwind, with plenty of Scent-A-Way on, & I also u coyote urine. I like to use coyote urine some people don't. I feel it helps as a cover scent, and it makes the coyotes not as shy to come in (my opinion). Todd is right about the way to set-up for coyotes, once I figured that out my numbers started climbing. And also, if u shoot one, stay still & change ur call. Ur hunt may not be over yet. U never know. I've had hunts were it took 30 seconds to shoot, & had hunts were it took 30 minutes. Just remember to camo real good, coyotes circle downwind, SCENT control is very important, & stay seated at ur set-up 30-45 mins!!! And also don't walk right through an area u are wanting to hunt!! I hope this helps hunters starting out like Todd's set-up video helped me out!! Good luck & shoot 'em Song Dogs!!

Jordan Dimick

Summer 2013 - Salt Lake City, Utah

I am a college student so big game is not possible as I don't have the freezer space. So dogs it is! I am really new to hunting so I have been researching as much about the topic. I dont know if anyone has ever tried searching for information that doesn't involve last saturdays hunt and how many dogs they got, but pure information on beginners and how to start. You might as well have higher hopes at going to a high class seafood dinner with Emma Watson. I signed up for the Dogbreath email and got the PDF "Beginner's Coyote Guide". Its not even in Japanese! I can understand it!! The information is super practical for the beginner as it points out what stuff you should take and how you actually hunt. This is better than friday night pizza! or i guess it depends on the pizza...Just from the quality of how this is written, this is where im going to get all my info and the place when i want to upgrade my calls! Thanks Todd for all the good info! I look forward to getting my first dog this weekend! (i hope...Ill keep you updated!)

mick Buvia

fall 2012 - alpena michigan

Todd, you were a lot of help, the tips you gave me on setups and watching the wind and my approach all helped me. if anyone listens to you and your info... really listens... they will shoot more coyotes !! I did. thanks for all your help. Mick.

Mike S.

2012 - Russia, OH

Dogbreath, I have watched your video's and read your free tips book you have shared with so many fellow coyote hunting buddies. I just want to thank you for all your help and guidance you have shared to help your fellow hunters. I want to thank you for all your help. I use your tips and they have helped me a lot.

Troy Rampe

spring 2013 - Ohio

Great site, great products and great advice = GREAT HUNTING!! Thanks Todd.

guy hanson

2010 - norwalk, ct 06851

Saw video on website called dogs now hooked thanks Guy


Fall 2013 - NewColumbia, PA

I love all the consistent email tips and videos to keep your tactics fresh in my mind. I have put them into practice and continue to be successful. Thanks dogbreath

ron gill

winter of 2012 - wheeling wv

I am really impressed with the consistency of dog breath. I am new to yote hunting and use many strategies from dog breath. I can't wait until I can take my young 2 boys out Thank you for this site.

Steven Chojnacki

fall 2012 - United States

Hey Todd, Id just like to give you a big thanks. If it weren't for people like you that are willing to share there knowledge of how to be successful, this sport would be a lot tougher. I started watching your videos last year and have had a lot more success compared to when I first started out from scratch. Ill admit I haven't had the best success with giving those dogs a nice dirt nap, but I sure am seeing a lot more after gaining knowledge from your videos. Keep up the good work.

Joshua Dunn

spring 2013 - Pulaski, PA

todd has bin a great help with his knowledge in hunting at night. He definatly knows what he is doing and enjoy his videos

Mark and Evan

Fall 2012 - Beason Illinois

Summer of 2012 we moved to the country from a small city. My sons were excited to get out and stretch there legs, but my oldest son never really was into the bird hunting that I enjoy. In the fall we began hearing all the sounds of coyote moving in the area of our property. Our cat disappeared one night never to be scene again and we decided to buy a trail camera. The first night of using the camera we had coyotes 50 feet from our house. Game on the wife said it was time for Paris's (cat) revenge and now my oldest son sparked an interest. We have searched and found Dogbreaths videos and calls to very helpful on killing coyotes. We have been able to call in coyotes using the Hot Mama call and we have many times located coyotes with the Howler. Evan and I are going out when we can and farmers and landowners have contacted us to come to there places to kill some coyotes. Controlling coyotes has been an easy case to ask permission for coyote hunting all the farmers and landowners around us have had issues and are glad to let us on their property to hunt coyotes. Thanks for the fun you have introduced to my son and I night hunting will be next on our list. Mark

Black Death predator hunting

None - Greeley Colorado

Lots of great info. Helps my business with killing yotes. Any info is good.

Rod Jewell

unkown - Flora, IN

Well, I wish I had the nice pictures to attach that many of you have but I have not yet been that fortunate. I came in contact with Todd's videos late last season and after spending most of the season sitting on the cold ground for countless hours without seeing one single dog I was ready to forget I ever wanted to coyote hunt. Then I seen Todd give just a few minute video on calling and still nothing, but then I seen one on setup and I seen a coyote the last day of the season! I was pumped and our season started 2 days ago and I am planning to get out this weekend. If it were not for Todd giving simple examples of setting up I would have thrown in the towel. Thanks

Mark Rogacki

- Byron, NY

I just want to say how much I enjoy your Tips & Instruction. Gave ME a great start hunting predators. I do winter night hunts here in western NY and your info has been pretty much spot on. Makes me a better hunter! And I really like your style - no drama, just a nice guy sharing hard won lessons... Thanks. Mark

Tyler Periard

Winter 2013 - Birch Run, MI

I ordered the Hot Momma call as soon as Todd sent me an email about it. It sounded like something worth trying out, at least a lot different than anything else I had to work with. My brother and I hunt together and we decided to give it a try the first night after getting it in the mail. That night alone, we called in three dogs. Now, the final result wasn't anything to brag about (we each missed one and the third never came into the clearing), but the call itself was a great success. I really enjoy learning this sport and am very thankful that I found the Dogbreath website when I did.

Chasin the Dream's: Reality of Hunting

Fall 2011 - La Crosse WI

I received a Dogbreath mouth call for my birthday and used it to call in my first coyote and with the help of the videos I chose the right set up to do it. Although it was my cousin who got to shoot the yote, it wouldn't have been possible without all I learn from the videos and that awesome sounding call! Thanks Dogbreath!

kevin doyle

spring 2012 - medway,maine

Well first a big thanks to todd for a lot of great memories with my son!!! I had been trying to find something for my son and myself to do together during the long winter. So we built a shack with skis and got some bait and calls and we were ready to go coyote hunting so we thought!! We found a good spot on a river and set our bait and give it a couple days and went back to check our cameras and we had several dogs coming to the bait. We then started going to shack in late afternoon and leaving around 10 pm for almost 3 weeks and never had any dogs come out while we were there!! To the point where my son didn't want to come out with me no more.. I needed to find out what I was doing wrong so I went on the internet to find some ansrews ,there I found todds page and desided to buy todds seminar !!! And we watched the seminar together the more we watched the mmore execited we got !! We took all todds info and put it to good work on the second nite of calling we called in 3 dogs and third time out 2 more and in a months time we shot 15 dogs andto think a few weeks ago we were ready to give up when all we needed was just a little of todd's know how and tactics. We owe todd everything if it wasn't for his seminar we wouldn't have the memories of every hunt we go on which is at least every other week!! So a big thanks to todd and to anyone out there that is thinking of trying todds products you won't be disapointed this man knows his dogs!!! Thanks again

Brian H

2012 - Shiner , Texas

Hey Todd I have been following your videos since last year and they helped me a lot. On my first hunt with brother in law we called in two and shot one. Next time will bring a shotgun. Thanks for all the info you provided. Brian H

Rich Bogath

Fall 2012 - Little Egg Harbor, NJ

Eastern Coyote Success Secrets gave me the advice and edge that I needed to bag three yotes last January during the NJ Special night hunting Coyote season. Todd's great information, demo videos and products help to even the odds in some of the most challenging hunts in the east.

James Moynahan

Spring 2013 - Bethel, NY

Watching your videos gave me some good insight on coyote behavior and set-ups. I'm a beginner (but an old timer) and 2nd day out using a couple of your calls I got a dog to come in. Got too late to shoot (no light) but it was still exciting. Fall season open now in NY and I am going again. Thanks for the help.

Robert Paden

Summer 2013 - 16105

Thank you for you the videos and beginners book you sent me, I am 14 and I hunt with my grandfather. I had tried coyote hunting for 2 years here in Pennsylvania. I never in that time had a coyote, not until I watched your videos and read you books did I get my first coyote. I don't have a picture of it, but it was a female 30 pounder that is shot as I was about to leave my tree stand as it was just light enough for me to see its outline. Soon after that I shot 3 more which completed my season. Can't wait to go out again this fall. Thanks for the help!

Matt Bell

Spring 2012 - NE Ohio

I am new to coyote hunting so I've had a lot of questions. Through my on-line searches, I'm always coming back to Dogbreath. I've read his book and I've watched numerous videos to find the answers. There is a ton of guidance and suggestions that have been extremely helpful. Dogbreath is good at explaining with actual hunt situations. I have used a mouth call from Dogbreath and I got action the first time I used it. Only problem was that my spotlight died through the hunt and I had to use my LED flashlight. I was able to see 2 sets of eyes (assuming they were coyotes by their height etc). Sounds like I'll be looking into the Wicked Lights

Chasin the Dream's: Reality of Hunting

Fall 2011 - La Crosse WI

I received a Dogbreath mouth call for my birthday and used it to call in my first coyote and with the help of the videos I chose the right set up to do it. Although it was my cousin who got to shoot the yote, it wouldn't have been possible without all I learn from the videos and that awesome sounding call! Thanks Dogbreath!

Tom M.

2011 ? - Butte, Montana

Here in Montana, woof season is open and I've switched from my .243 Win. to a .264 Win. Mag., just because I'm hopin' to call in a woof, or better yet, a woof pack ! I'm shooting 129 gr. Hornady SST's at 3,100 fps. It's been reported woofs will respond (aggressively) to a coyote howl. Thanks Dogbreath for all of your Coaching. I'll send a woof photo as soon as I can ! Shoot straight !

Brandon Nutt (Brandon Nutt Outdoors)

- Ravenna, Michigan

I remember when I was about ten years old, I always wanted to be a coyote hunter. I watched Youtube videos and the best ones by far were from Todd "Dogbreath" Sullivan. From there, I went to his website and read his free beginners guide to coyote hunting. Todd literally taught me all the basics that are necessary to grow into a coyote hunter that can put up large numbers of fur year in and year out. I owe my success at a young age to Todd, and that's a fact. Thanks for all of your help Todd, and I am sure all coyote hunters thank you as well!


Fall 2012 - Peotone,Illinois

Thanks Dogbreath; For the tips in your video on set up This is probably the most important thing to do right when you come into a area. Your video helped to reinforce it and always remember how to enter your set up!!

Jeremy Hix

2011 - Greenwood, Sc

Had a hard time trying to find good solid info on coyote hunting with no luck at all. Then I stumble across your site and got the free coyote hunting manual. That gave me a starting base to how and why I needed to do certain things to hunt coyote. My coyote success has grown to the point I have gathered a couple kids who come along hunting now( if their grades are good.) You always answer my questions and you always send monthly emails to let me know whats going on in the coyote world. And for that I thank you.

Hank Jespersen

- Pleasant Grove, Utah

Awesome products, and information. If your new to the game, or a seasoned veteran, Todd has products & knowledge for all. Good Luck & Good Hunting!

E Skogen

- Stone Lake

I love all your video's they have really helped me with hunting with the wind and how to set up for calling. I would love to try your calls, Great work.

Gary Grogan

Not purchased yet - Urbana, IL

We use electronic calls and red lights on stands. Killed 20 dogs last season!

Daran Sagvold

Fall 2012 - McLeod, ND

I've been hunting coyotes for years with varied success and after watching you videos one night with my young son you got him hooked. On our first evening out together he called in 2 coyotes, he shot the first one at 20 yards and with the "bark and bang" killed the second one at 100 yards. Nothing cooler than laying next to your son watching him shoot his first coyote and it was a double. The tradition continues!! Thanks Dogbreath

Tim Gafner

Spring 2013 - Escanaba, MI

I have watched your videos and they have helped me learn how to set up properly in the wooded north country for fast action. (not like those shows on TV where you can watch a dog run away for 3 days) Keep up the great work.

Eric Baugh

Fall 2011 - Georgia

Purchased a few of the dog breath mouth calls to go along with my electronic equipment. Use them all the time to give that little extra help to bring them in close!!! Thanks for all the tips on the videos and how to properly set up a plan of attack Eric Baugh

Kevin Rogers

Winter 2012 - Eastern Indiana

Mr. Sullivan is right about eastern 'yote hunting. I am from the west and calling there verse calling here is a different ball game. It is almost an art, a learned skillset, to hunt the eastern 'yote. The tips, tricks, and the skills learned through resources available thru 'Dogbreath' Sullivan are essential to becoming an effective 'yote slammer. I'm stoked for this year (which opens TODAY!) to exercise more of the learned skills Todd shares with us - one such skill or trick - use a soft electric prey distress and a mouth call pup distress. One place I hadn't slammed a 'yote at for months and this technique brought one in the last two visits. Thanks 'Dogbreath' for you efforts and your products. I'm a better 'yote hunter because of you.

George Germain

Winter 2013 - Montcalm County, Michigan

I have been seriously hunting coyotes and predators for four years now with this being the start of the fifth. When starting out I had no idea what to do, where to do it, and most importantly, how to do it. I began searching the internet and ended up joining a forum called "Michigan Predator Hunting". It was on that site that I first learned of Todd, "Dogbreath" Sullivan. On one of his posts I saw that he was offering a free beginners guide about successful coyote hunting. I took Todd up on his offer and picked up a few good points that I started incorporating into my hunts. Soon after, I also began to come across some online videos that he had posted that talked about everything from location, to set up, to how to use the calls. My first three years had absolutely no success; not even a sighting. Last winter I started to practice one of Todd's hard fast rules: if you can access a calling location without revealing yourself and it is a lot farther walk then heading straight to the stand location; take the time and remain out of sight. I believe this piece of advice is probably the most crucial element of the success I started to enjoy last season. I killed 5 coyotes last season and have already taken a beautiful blonde dog this season. It is such a rarity today to find someone as knowledgeable and passionate about something yet so willing to freely share a lot of what has taken Todd years and years to acquire. I strongly recommend Todd's products (I own a "Hot Mamma" estrus chirp) and any of his "How To" DVD's or print resources.


Non - Wakefield,ks

I have just trend 16years old and I can bring a gundwhen I go call coyots. I can't what to call some coyots


Fall 2010 - Gaylord MI

Todd I would like to thank you for sharing your knowledge and techniques. Your information has really added to my success in the field. Haven't got one of your calls yet but planning on ordering your hot mama. Heard of alot of great success with it. ( picture of future predator hunters)

James Lavigne Jr

2013 - Claremont NH

Purchased your shoot more coyotes video and learned alot of good stuff from it. Anyways we have been bow hunting the last 2 week and the coyotes have moved in and spooked most of the deer out of the area, So I put the bow away got the AR out and used what I learned from your video on how to approach the area you are going to hunt, and 30 seconds after I turned on the call this guy came running in.

A. Greco

2012 - Pinebush, NY

Thanks Dogbreath!

Joe Bredeweg

2013 - Zeeland,MI

Todd's beginners guide helped a lot in getting me started on this new addiction of hunting. Looking forward to learning more about it. Thanks Todd

Ben Rinehart

Verbal Conversation - North Canton, Ohio

Last year on an evening hunt,I was having trouble getting Coyotes to respond to the calls I was using and even the wrong sound at the wrong time. I called you and an evening conversation with you gave me a more understanding of what call to use and when to change. The following evening again I went back out and tried the sequence we discussed and I scored. Guys if you have never read his book, you need to because everything he states works. All it takes is patience. Listen to the animal and you can learn a lot from him also. Good luck, good shooting and most of all be safe.

Todd Atkins

2012 - Bluefield WV

I purchased the call PAC with howler and two rabbit distress calls back in December of last year. Since then I have called in my first bobcat, which had not happened with electronic calls. I did not get a shot because I was as surprised as he was to run into each other. In the spring I was informed about a place where rabbit hunters had two beagles killed by coyotes and was asked to go and see if I could help with the numbers or as they put it get rid of them. That evening I went just taking the calls I had and was able to call in a female with the howler. When howling the woods in front of me erupted with coyotes howling back I was able to take the female with no problem. The next day I went back and used the ripen rabbit and killed two young yotes. I laid off for a couple of days then went back and was able to kill what I figured to be an old male. Since this I haven't heard anymore in that spot and the rabbit hunters tell me they are not having any problems now. The calls I purchased were easy to master and undoutly were the key to my success. This endeavor has now opened up many new areas to hunt and now have people calling me to help with their yote issues. Thanks to Todd Sullivan for these calls

bob m

2013 - barnegat nj

i have been watching your vids-and now you got me hooked - here in nj i dont have to tell you our laws on yotes are extremely diffcult - but this year yay we got to shoot anything under 25 cal-in day time only- you inspired me to go get my 223 cant wait -our season starts jan 1 - march 15- nite time shotgun only-i could use a good lite on the ole 3" pump with dead coyote t shot-thats all we are allowed at nite-well shoot straight my friend-i know i will-

Troy Eppich

Fall 2011 - Blackfoot, ID

A couple of seasons ago I took a friend out to call in a few coyotes one morning. We had be reviewing your videos on line the night before. One thing that we really like was the "Bark and Bang" idea. We live in an area where we have lots of coyotes and we tend to call them in often but we had never figured out how to get them to stop for a brief second. We were out early one Saturday morning and we started calling, and not more than 10 minutes into it we had four coming in on us. We each picked out the ones we wanted and when they were about 30 feet from us I "Barked and Banged". I got my first one but never heard him shoot. I keep telling him to shoot, but he was so excited that he turned his scope up to 24 and could not even find his dog. We sat and let it calm own a second and called again and a fifth coyote come in and stopped about 200 yards.... We only got the one but it was the "Bark and Bang" theory that got us that one. Now I use it all the time and we have just a quick second to shoot. Thank you for the great idea.

James L.

fall 2012 - Topsham, ME

I bought a howler from Dogbreath Coyote Calls and on the very next hunt I shot a coyote using only that call. I don't have a picture but it was a 35 pound male coyote from 130 yards with my .308 win. I love the call and I never go hunting anything without it. it's the one call that switches lanyards with the changing season. it goes with me deer hunting, moose hunting, and even grouse hunting, I never leave home without it.

Scott Fameli

Free Guide - Phoenix, AZ

Love all the videos that Dogbreath provides. It is universal information. I don't live in his area of the country, but the info is always helpful and interesting. The biggest help for me is not making my stand selection different, but certainly more productive. Placement, frequency, approach, departure... goooooood stuff Dogbreath. Thank you. I look forward to more fur thanks to your guidance.

Steven M

fall 2013 - michigan

Love your materials and your top ten list of things to help shoot more coyotes. Keep up the great work and commitment to the hunting community. Now go shoot some coyotes!!!


Fall 2013 - Fargo, ND

I was very excited to come across Todd's site over a year ago. Watching his videos and tutorials, hearing his testimonies, and learning about his line of calls "added more fuel to the fire" concerning my passion to hunt, call, and bag coyotes. I really appreciate how personal Todd makes his business. I reached out to him with some general coyote hunting questions last year and heard back from him in a day or two. I look forward to receiving his email updates and seeing what's new or to catch a story about another coyote he just called and downed! I'm looking into purchasing the Hot Momma Estrus Chirp right now, and I've heard lots of good things about it. Thanks for all your help, Todd! It's nice to know that we have an expert coyote hunter/caller out there who makes himself available to the rest of the hunting community!

John Mcparland

fall 2012 - Allen Park Mi.

I bought the book and the seminars after I was wounded in a car ancient. This got my mind off all the surgery I was going though. I never coyote hunting before so I learn a lot. I can't get into the woods like I use to with out help. But with what I learned from the books and watching the videos online my friends like me to show them what and were to hunt. Thanks Dogbreath...

Brian M.

Fall 2012 - Soutwest, Va.

I got on Todd's mailing list when I signed up for his free ebook. After getting numerous videos and tips from Todd I saw that he was really workin hard for my business so I bought a couple of his calls. I was pleasantly surprised by their quality and unique sound. Thanks Todd! Keep 'em coming!

Glenn Giles

Fall 2011 - Swift Current,NL, Canada

Downloaded beginners guide right to desktop,it is the best info out there. I hava had great success since reading. A-plus, keep the info and tips coming. Thanks; Glenn


2012 - green bay wi

your info is very helpful -- i had a hard time shooting coyotes until i got your book - everything you told me is very helpfull and i am very thankfull for that-- if you every come to wisconsin to hunt look me up-- and we can go shoot some coyotes

Joe Culbertson

fall 2012 - Central Indiana

I have downloaded Todd's free hunting guide and listened to his online seminars and presentations. Since he is in Michigan and I'm in Central Indiana, the type hunting style and techniques is more in line with what is needed for the eastern half of the US. Most shows and videos that I can find on TV or online, it out west and does NOT apply to what is really needed for this area. Todd nails it. His knowledge that he readily shares has been a game changer for me. I have tried other lights and have been saving for a wicked light, but haven't got one yet. My success increased at night, but I've had to have someone else with a handheld spotlight over your head to light the yotes up, and hopefully not silhouette me. Looking forward to more info, as Todd knows his stuff. Thanks.........


fall 2012 - lansing mi

I already look forward to more emails to learn more so i can finally break my way into the sport of coyote hunting

Bill E.

Fall 2011 - Southwest Va

The information from I gained from your site has definitely help my hunting. Before I was using an electronic caller and having almost no luck, since reading the tips on dogbreaths web site I started using hand calls and have had a lot better luck. All the electronic calls sound the same the yotes learn these sounds. With hand calls every stand can sound a little different they don't recognize the sound as a e-caller and come runnin. Thanks


spring 2013 - hopkins, sc

I am very very very new at this predator hunting deal, so I started checking out different web sites, and finally found one,[not taking from nobody else] that is 'greenhorn' friendly and absolutely down to earth. Keep up the good work Todd, especially [sp] the whiteboard presentation. Looking forward to this season's opener.


Spring 2013 - Bristow, IN

I have learned so much from all of the videos and write ups from Dog Breath, once I get my deer in the freezer, its time to start getting the coyotes! Thanks Dogbreath!

J. Ehlen

Sping 2012 - Blaine, MN

I bought all the coyote calls from Dogbreath and used them in Az. with great success. Before that I had purchased a FoxPro electronic call and it doesn't bring the coyotes near as well as the Dogbreath calls do. Thanks Dogbreath. I really enjoy all your videos as well. Keep them coming.


Fall 2013 - Nc

First time hunter using calls for coyotes killing my chickens, called 4 in and killed two first evening out. Win.

Erich Ziegler

Winter 2011 - United States

I bought Dogbreath's calls in the winter of 2011. I had tried the previous winter with some other calls, but wasn't really happy with the sounds they produced. I found Dogbreath's page and decided to buy his call pack. I called in this big male coyote in the heart of the UP winter with Dogbreath's distress call. Notice it on my lanyard. It is very versatile, doesn't freeze up in the cold, and calls the coyotes in. Thank you.


Oct, 2013 - Central Ky

I've been reading and watching your videos for a while I must say they have definitely helped me with my pursuit of calling in coyotes.

Virgil Kelly

Fall 2013 - Riverton, Utah

I am new to coyote hunting, I Found Dogbreath on an internet search and signed up for the free guide with little expectation on the results. To my surprise I was contacted by Todd about the question that I asked with a great answer. ( Virgil, This time of the year I would start off with a couple of friendly howls. If nothing responds in say 3-5 minutes I would go into some distress calling. If you're using a hand call you might want to blow it for 15-30 seconds, break for 3-5 minutes and repeat.) I tried this on my first hunt and on my first set and to my delight after three minuets I had a coyote running straight toward me. I did the famous bark and bang but when I barked the coyote stopped behind a tree and eventually busted me and ran off but not without some lead flying it's way. Nubie mistake??. I decided to buy Todd's calls because of his willingness to share his knowledge with me and thought since he was sincere about the free beginners guide that he was probably secsire about the quality of his call's. I bought The Ultimate Coyote Call Pack, Whack'em - Stack'em - Rip'em call's the shipping was blazing fast. I opened them today and the calls are very easy to use and have great sounds, they are easier and sound better than brand X that I had picked up from the big box store. I can tell these call's will be my goto call's. They are very well made and are not cheep molded plastic they are machined to perfection. Can't wait to get out to try then. Dogbreath call are the real deal. Thanks Todd For your help and the great calls the you produce!

Will H

Fall 2013 - Eastern Washington

Hey Dogbreath, I'm an absolute beginner to coyote hunting. We have about 30 chickens and recently have been losing 1-2 a day to coyotes. Read your guide a few times, and finally stalked and killed the coyote that was snatching our chickens. Last week was the first one I've shot and I'm hooked! I bought both your calls (the coyote howler and the rabbit distress) and they sound great and are very easy to use! Really appreciate all your knowledge and skill that you share with us. Thanks!

Duffy Nightingale

Fall 2012 - Port Townsend, WA

Dogbreath is a great guy who genuinely wants to help people. He gives away a free starting guide. I downloaded this guide and it was very helpful. He also occasionally emails great tips and hand picked items we need. But he never overdoes it to the point of irritation like so many companies. Dogbreath is the "real deal" who loves hunting coyotes and thus is very good at it. Fortunately for us, he loves to share his knowledge and make a little money doing it. He certainly earns whatever he gets - including those pesky 'yotes!


fall 2012 - Logan Ohio

Some of the best info out there for someone who wants to give coyote hunting a shot

Bud & Britt Lomon

2010 - Pocola,oklahoma

Me and my daughter love it. Glad theirs other people out thier like us .


Fall 2012 - Bend, OR

Todd's videos and experience are second to none, wether you're a seasoned predator hunter or a beginner, you'll be able to relate to his messages. Dogbreaths calls are great quality and sound awesome. Thanks Todd, keep up the good work and "Bark em and Bang em!!"


Winter 2012 - Bismarck, ND

Some of the best info on the Internet. Helped me hone my skills with the mouth calls to the point of doubling up many mornings. Looking forward to another good winter of coyote hunting. Thanks guys.

Bill M.

Winter 2013 - Charlotte, Mi

I started using Todd's calls last season. They are top notch calls. Buy one and you won't regret it.

Jerry Paintner

Fall 2012 - Courtois, Mo.

Best info for the regular joe trying to kill coyotes east of Kansas and dont get 300& 400yd shots. Bought your mouth call and it works need to practice shooting skills. Its just nice to have someone that can help a working man afford and enjoy the sport. From deep in the Ozarks thanks for everything.

Dan Weaver

last fall 2012 - Alliance, Ohio

I bought the set of mouth calls and I would rather use them than the electronic caller. I can customize my calling and they work great! I would recommend!!!!


Fall 2011 - Ontario

Todd, last season I watched one of your videos where you sketched out a coyote set up in a field and laid out tracking patterns and gave suggestions how and where to set up. This was very helpful and allowed me to better my chances at seeing some dogs. I find a lot of your information very useful. Thanks


Winter 2012 - Central IL

Dogbreath is my best buddy I've never met (hope to some day). I'm probably like most, in that I shot more coyotes when I'm out deer or turkey hunting and one happens to come by than I ever have when intentionally hunting them. Todd's material (and his email replies) have brought me farther in the last few months than I have gotten in 30 years of occasionally hunting coyotes on my own. Todd knows his stuff and does an excellent job of conveying what he knows to others, helping each one of us to think and sound more like a 'yote or a 'yote lunch, greatly improving our success in the field. Many thanks Todd!

Danny Hilkemeier

fall 2012 - Belgrade MT

I have rec ivied the free book, and bought the coyote in heat call. I have had coyotes with in 5 ft of of me and scared me so bad i couldn't get a shot off. Another time went to my brother in laws in eastern Montana and called in three coyotes at the same time and we both shot the same coyote.

Travis Williamson

Fall,2012 - Lewisburg,Ohio

I purchased the rip em rabbit and had good success with it. I shot this called in this yote and have had two other encounters while using it but failed to close the deal. I watch all your videos and have talked with you and thank you for your knowledge . I have added some of your techniques to my hunts!

Glyn Flowers

2013 - Terrell , Texas

I have tried tried and tried just haven't got it down yet. These coyotes are smart I will not be giving up cause I remember the first duck I called in I was so exited . It is hard to trick a coyote there a lot smarter than we give them credit for.


summer 2013 - Platteville, WI

Really appreciated the down to earth information in the beginners packet. Downloaded it straight to my computer desktop. Being from the Midwest makes it challenging to find helpful information about how to hunt these dogs, and your information is much more useful than anything else that is used only out in the western states because things just don't work like things do in the videos !


Spring 2013 - Gilbert, AZ

Though I have not tried the calls - yet - the beginner's guide is the best I've read. I've only just begun coyote hunting in the past year or so and Todd's guide not only gave me confidence but, much like buying a new lure for fishing, his tips always give you something new to try and look forward to on your next hunt. Every time I go I always check with Dogbreath to see if he has any new tips. Though he's in Michigan and shooting in thick forests and I'm in AZ shooting at desert yotes, the tips help keep you fresh and help in sorting out your hides and plans of attack. The pic was of my first yote shot the day after heavy spring rain. I set up over a game trail and had just hit the call when he came running in. He didn't see me in my ghillie until I picked my rifle up but I was able to hit him on a dead run at pretty close range. Thanks Todd for keeping my enthusiasm high with tips, even through the blistering summer months. It's finally cool enough to hunt again and I'll be out soon. jonah

Paul Brouwer

Spring 2013 - Ogenaw County, Michigan

As a novice predator hunter every email I get from Dogbreath is a lesson learned. I usually do not kill or hunt anything that I do not eat but when I started seeing coyotes in the middle of the day in July near my house I determined it was time to start to educate myself on the proper manner in which to harvest and reduce this threat to other wiellife near our place. Thanks Dogbreath, your calss and vidoes are on my list of 'must gets'. and will do so soon.

Kyle Ribble

Summer 2012 - Barry County, Mi

The begginers guide is awesome learned a bunch of tips and the hot mama chirp works great called in 7 at one stand


spring2012 - baldwinsville ny

Picked up a call from dog breath thinking it was just another call that may or may not work. To my surprise it is the best call I have ever used! Would highly recommend the advice and products from him!

Tyler layton

fall 2013 - buchanan ga

Like the help from a more experienced hunter thanks for everything

Tom S (MountainKing)

Fall 2013 - Pocono Mountains, Pennsylvania

Been looking at calls for awhile now since the coyote population is starting to effect the deer numbers here. I saw the videos and the different types of calls offered and made a purchase from Dogbreath. His calls are exceptional, not just junking pieces of rubber and plastic, they are well engineered and proudly Made in the USA!! Will be going out on a hunt as soon as it gets a little colder outside. The free guide is definitely a bonus and I anticipate getting the DVD for more information. In the meantime, I'm going to practice calling and hope to learn more from Dogbreath.

Fred J

Winter 2013 - Atlanta, MI

Hunted with dogs and tracking collars. From the time the dogs got on scent at 8:00 AM until the coyote was shot about 3:00 PM, we estimated the coyote ran 20+ miles.

Travis Westra

Spring 2013 - Grand Rapids, MI

I have gotten some great tips from Todd and it has helped me out a lot. I'm 15 and am just starting out coyote hunting on some land I deer hunt on. The people there say sometimes the coyotes howling keeps them up at night! The area is over run with them and the tips I've gotten I think will help me thin out the coyotes there and help out the deer heard a ton!


fall - sturatsdraft va

was sitting in the woods squirrel huntin andi was in my guilly suit,and was useing a rodent call.i was looking to my rite and turned to look in front of me, and about 9 feet in front of me was a hole family of yoties therew were 7 of them. i had my rifle on my lap ,but when i went to pick the rifle they bolted and i got one of the pups it weighed 25 pounds

David Moore

Summer 2013 - Russellville, TN

This is the best beginner's guide that I've read. Works like it says it does. Thanks for the great information.

tj hughey

december 2012 - michigan

these calls work i called in seven at one time this is a must buy product!

Dalton m.

Spring 2013 - Texas

The hot mama chirp is the best call I've used. Bagged 2 dogs on my first time using it! Your tips are very helpful too!

Jared Routh

Winter 2012 - 6612 e hickory Ln Muncie In

Worked great came right in to the call like it was a real animal very impressed by the call had a great hunt and expecting to by some more calls for of you guys


- oologah, ok

This site is for real , I visit a lot of forums and spend most of the time sorting thru the useful and not so useful info , but here all of the info is usefull it great site keep up the good work !!!!!!

David J. Stiffler

Spring 2012 - Bellbrook, Ohio 45305

Your calls and common sense insight have really helped me to be much more successful in taking care of the troublesome coyotes.

bill k.

n/a - levering mich .

i like your web sight a lot it has improved my hunting of yotes alot thanks-todd

Frank Chapa

Haven't yet - Battle Creek, MI

I read through the beginner's guide, and with the tools provided using an inferior call I was able to call in a coyote. I wasn't fully prepared, because I didn't think this crappy call would work, but the coyote came running toward me, but not exactly in bow range. I can only imagine how well your calls will work, and I am currently saving up some cash to make it happen. I am excited for this year of coyote hunting, I only started hunting at all, last year, but just last week I took my first deer ever with a bow, and am eager to get my first coyote. Thank you for all the information, Frank Chapa

Alan Fong

April 2013 - Sacramento,Ca

My partner and I use a fox-pro call and the hot mama call to get these coyotes in. I read and watch a lot of Dogbreaths ways to set up using wind as the biggest factor in killing the dogs! On this spring morning we set up along the vinyards using the wind in our favor. Three dogs came running in and we killed all three at 10-75 yard shots! Then I looked down the road and there was another looking at us at 180 yds and I took him out too! So with in three minutes we had four dogs down! What an exciting three minutes!

Michael Leveski Sr

fall 2012 - NY,USA

I've been following dogbreath coyote calls for well over a year purchased a call followed your newsletters that I get and applied all that I learned from your web sight. Thank you Dogbreath.

Paul Lunney

winter 2012 - Adirondacks. NY

Sir, I wanted to let you know that your calls brought in the Coyotes even in 4 feet of snow! It was unbelievable.


spring 2012 - Eastern Kentucky

Reading your materials has helped my hunting experiences dramitacally. I hunt deep eastern Ky and our terrian is very rough.I would love to have one of your calls but I am on a tight budget due to the coal business shutdown. I will keep reading as long as I have internet. Thanks

Mike b

Winter 2013 - Prince George Va

Todd's book and videos really shed light on different aspects of predator hunting , I highly recommend both they helped me bag several predators last winter.


winter 2012 - lansing,michigan

Todd as a personn who has diffuculties with hand calls I would like to thank you for making some really good qaulity calls that don't break the bank that are super easy to use when I'm in high pressure areas e calls don't work but your hand calls give them something different and bring them in thanks todd

Dennis Laskowsky

- Portage, Mi

I am new to coyote hunting and I have been to all of Todd's local training seminars over the last couple of years, read his training materials and bought several of his calls. The calls are second to non and are very easy to use. Todd thanks for all you help it sure has made me a better coyote hunter keep up the good work. Thanks again, Dennis L

Gary May

Spring 2012 - Elk horn, Ky

Before I got your caller I was hunting with a electronic caller. I had your caller in my pocket and was using the electronic caller when the batteries went down. At this point I hadn't seen any coyotes. I pulled your caller out and started calling. It was that simple, it didn't seem to take hardly any practice when a coyote came out of the treeline. Got him. I would recommend your caller that I have to anyone and have told my friends to get one.

Mark Stahl

winter 2013 - San Diego, Ca

I hunt yote's in the deserts of Imperial county Ca. and the rip-em distress call has greatly improved my take. I have witnessed dogs coming from over a half mile to see whats going on when using this call. Imperial county is hunted hard by many predator clubs and the use of a different sounding call has been very beneficial. Great call!! with Great results!


2012 - Shelby nc

I purchased fox pro fury great caller , very productive


Fall 2012 - Lower Michigan

Bought your calls (The Ultimate Coyote Call Pack)for a back-up in case e-caller went down in the field,they sound so good i now start and end my set with them.

Scott McLaughlin

fall 2012 - Millville, NJ

The calls work great. Todd, you have provided excellent information and products for years.

Michael Leveski Sr

fall 2012 - NY,USA

I've been following dogbreath coyote calls for well over a year purchased a call followed your newsletters that I get and applied all that I learned from your web sight. Thank you Dogbreath.

Jerry Lee Valentine

Spring 2012 - Whitesburg Tennessee

The tips I've learned here as well as the call Demos have increased my success here threefold. The guys I hunt with think I'm some sort of master but I really owe it to Todd. I was the first of all the coyote hunters here to use the Hot Momma Estrus call and the coyotes came in like crazy. I always go to this site before each hunt to refresh my skills with Todd's tips. Thanks Todd for your commitment to all predator hunters. Jerry Lee

Parks Mangum

2013 - United States

Really look forward to Todds emails about techs. on how to when Coyote hunting. Always learn a lot without trial and error.

jim perkey

? - Mt.Pleasant,PA

Awesome equipment. Really know wat ur talking about to help bring the coyotes in runin

Kevin Ritchey

2012 - Norwich, Ohio

Todd, Many Thanks for all the email updates and the videos. I am an eastern hunter as well and have learned a lot of valuable information that has taken our coyote hunting from occasional success to consistent kills. Thanks again. Kevin Ritchey

Ty Hayes

Fall 2012 - Washoe Valley, NV

Great calls been yote'in for awhile and these call just sound good dog breath has a great beginners guide to coyote hunting when people ask were can I find information ill send then to dog breath every time

Mike H

summer 2013 - Paw Paw, MI

I was fortunate enough to go to one of Dogbreaths seminars last summer. I learned a lot of info on coyote hunting. The calls sound fantastic and are very durable. Get the free guide on how to hunt coyotes it's very informative.

Andy Caron

Spring 2013 - Cincinnati, Ohio

I am a beginner coyote hunter and was looking at these lights. At 16 these can be expensive and my cousin who hunts with me wants to take me night hunting but I'm not prepared. I would like to start with this light and get a few more coyotes.

Sam Curtis

- St. John's, Newfoundland

Only allowed to use a 22-250 for coyote hunting in the area I hunt there are a lot of black bears. I want to purchase the Rip em distress call

Jim Reedy

winter 2012 - Virginia mouantians

Best call out there by far ! Thanks for the online seminar !

Ryan Jager

Winter 2013 - Martin, MI

Im a 16 year old who's just gotten into coyote hunting. Bought the rabbit distress, howler, and estrus chirp. Only got out a couple times last year but looking forward to hopefully dropping a yote or two this year

jon oberry

2013 - northbranch mi

Tryed out never been coyote hunting before got one second time out. the beginners guide he has really help me a lot thanks

todd h

fall 2012 - central iowa

great calls

John McVicker

Winter 2011 - Coldwater MI

I just wanted to let you know that since going to your seminar and purchasing a Rip Em' distress call I have seen WAY more ACTION. Your call works great and your advice was spot on... and for that my friend I thank you.

J. Smith

Todd , thanks for your help. I hunt in Georgia and after I read your materials my hunts have improved dramatically. This coyote read the text book and did everything you talk about. Came in to coyote pup distress in two minutes. My 3rd coyote in the last week . Not only have my hunts for coyote improved, I am calling in a lot of fox and bobcats. Can't shoot them know out of season. 

Equipment - Foxpro Firestorm, Rock River Predator Pursuit 223,  Hornady Super Performance 53 grain . 

Coyote died from lead poisoning. 

Leetonia Ohio Sportsman Club

March 2013 - Leetonia, Ohio

Todd, Everyone said you put on the best seminar they had ever attended. One guy who had been to our previous two seminars said, “You got the right guy this time”. We have tried to have someone different each year, but I don’t see how we can improve on your presentation.  Bill Harding, Outdoor Writer



I didn't want to let any more time pass to send this e-mail. Thanks for a very educational seminar the attendees were amazed at your knowledge on coyotes. We all are so thankful for you sharing this information with us and answering all our questions. I know that we all will be better coyote hunters thanks to you! Many of us have attended seminars but none can compare to the one you gave it was outstanding!!!! I was amazed at your straight forward presentation with no BS just facts. Thanks again for being up front and honest with us and not just being a story teller. Bark and Bang love the phrase. Looking forward to having you back @ our sportsman club in Leetonia.


Rich Oxley

Todd I'm a member at the club. Out of the last three years of seminars I’ve seen at the club yours was the best hands down! We try hard at the club. Thanks again for the great show! Jay Lorch

Does the HOT MOMMA Estrus Chirp work?

Ask Donnie. He called in his first dog with it - 45 lb. male

Donnie, New Hampshire, was able to call in his first coyote using the Dogbreath HOT MOMMA estrus chirp

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