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 Seminar Attendee Testimonial


"I recently attended a casual Predator Hunters get together focused on educating hunters new to the sport on some of the practices Michigan's experienced hunters employ. I nearly didn't attend, I've been successfully calling for two years now, so I assumed the majority of the tactics discussed would've already been part of my typical routine; at the same time I wouldn't refer to myself as experienced, so I figured I wouldn't have much, if any, advice for the novice crowd. I decided to go and meet with a few of the local hunters and put faces too few of the internet hunters I talk with on-line from time to time. Before I arrived I was informed that Todd "Dogbreath" Sullivan would be doing a calling demonstration for the novice hunters; I had heard of Todd and used a one of his calls in the field, but knew little about his degree of experience. I didn't know what to expect prior to Todd's demonstration, but I would've never expected to walk away with nearly as much new knowledge as I did. Todd's demonstration was extremely eye opening to numerous mistakes I was making in the field, and his real world experience was proof positive to the validity of his tactics. Todd did a superb job relaying his experience to the novice crowd without coming across with any arrogance typical of "professional" hunters. His use of visual aids in portraying his tactics and in-field experience was the "cherry on top" of his ability to professionally and effectively execute his demonstration. I left Todd's demonstration with extremely valuable tools of the trade that I eagerly implemented into my hunting routine with incredible success."
Thanks Again Todd,
James "Dusty" Harden

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