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There are basically two kinds of hand calls used for calling coyotes; closed reed and open reed calls.

An important difference between the two is that the closed reed type may tend to freeze up more quickly in cold weather. The closed reed call might also be a little easier for a beginner to use. Making distress sounds with a closed reed call is just a matter of blowing some air through it. A closed reed call will also have a wider range of volume and can be used as a coaxer. An open reed call is more flexible, allowing a variety of sounds from prey distress to coyote vocalizations like howling. Either type of call will effectively call coyotes.

Hand calls are easy to carry, reliable, inexpensive and extremely effective. Also, there is that special feeling of accomplishment when you call in that coyote with a hand call. Unless you want to be very disappointed with some dead batteries don’t ever go coyote calling without your hand calls.

Coyote Calls – Distress Calls

Learning how to use a mouth blown rabbit-in-distress call or a coyote howler is fairly simple. I recommend that you purchase at least a couple of different distress calls like the Dogbreath Rip'em Rabbit and the Stack'em Rabbit Distress Call.

Having two different distress calls will provide you some variety. You’ll find that just switching your calls up on a stand just might be what that coyote needed to hear. Calling coyotes can be kind of like fishing, you want to switch up your bait and see what the coyotes like. Switching call sounds can also help to get that coyote that’s hung up 300 yards out to start moving again.

Coyotes respond to your call out of hunger, territorial issues, social issues or curiosity. I believe that most of your responses will be from hunger and territorial issues.

The majority of all coyotes are called in using prey distress sounds. The good old- fashioned rabbit-in-distress sound has probably been used to call in more coyotes than all the others combined. I don’t believe this proven technique will be replaced any time soon.

Coyote Howlers

In just the last several years, using coyote sounds like howling have become more popular. I’m a big fan of using coyote sounds for calling. Some of the most exciting hunts you will ever have are when a coyote respond to your howls. They often will come in yipping and yapping all bristled up looking for a fight. I recommend the Dogbreath Whack'em Coyote Howler for its ease of use and superior sound.

Dogbreath Coyote Calls are all hand made one at a time on a CNC machine. Instead of the mass produced injection molded calls on the market today Dogbreath Coyote Calls are made with Delrin® which is a very hard material known for its superior acoustical properties and toughness. No mass production here. These calls are designed to make great sounds every time. You Call – They Fall!

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