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Dogbreath Coyote Calls


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Coyote Calls 

"Designed For Hunters Who Hunt the Hunters"

When you’re a coyote hunter there is always a special feeling of accomplishment when calling in a coyote with a hand call. Unlike other game, coyotes can be convinced to respond to a variety of sounds from prey distress sounds to coyote vocalizations like howling, yipping and yelping. Most coyote hunters use both prey distress calls and coyote howlers. Your ability to call in and harvest a coyote will test your patience, persistence, perseverance, determination and hunting skills.

The first time you actually call in and shoot your first coyote you will experience a rush of adrenaline and feeling of accomplishment never felt before. When this happens beware, the likelihood of a lifetime of addiction to coyote hunting and coyote calling is extremely high!




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If you’re new to coyote calling you can fill out the FREE GUIDE form on this page and download some very useful information that will help you off to an educated fast start. If you’re an experienced coyote caller you might pick up a couple of new tips or tricks.

Dogbreath Coyote Calls

Please take some time to check out some Dogbreath distress calls and coyote howlers along with some Dogbreath coyote hunting apparel. Everything is guaranteed to be of the highest quality and effectiveness.

Now download the guide, get your calls and go shoot some coyotes!

Wait... one more thing, Take a Kid Coyote Hunting!



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